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    I’ve been using Yamaha HS-80 for many years and it is time to upgrade to something more precise. I’m thinking about Adam S2x or Focal Twin. What are you guys using in your home studios?

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    Daniel Wyatt

    in my studio is have bowers and wilkins diamond 802’s with a bryston 4b amp…and a pair of passive avantones with a bryston 2b….and i could not be any happier!

    however…i like jbl’s a lot…the lsr series…the focals can be a little mid-rangey for me….but i have not heard all of the new models..

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    I’m working with Dynaudio Air 10s and a Dynaudio sub. Best money I ever spent, next to the acoustic treatments that now cover every inch of my studio. I had an acoustician in my studio before I had those things. That was an eye opener, we discussed the sonic profile of my studio. Great experience. Getting to know your room is even easier when you discuss it with a professional. Kind of reminds me of taking classes with Danny!

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    I use the dynaudios too and theyre pretty accurate provided the room is well treated. The focals are very nice, but like dan says, it is defnitly a litte hyped at the mid range.. You should take a look at the ATCs.

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    I’ve been using Event Opals for about 8 Months, loving them. I was going to purchase the Focal SM9’s but a friend mentioned they might be a bit too big for my room. My room is properly treated and balanced around a live side dead side acoustics setup which seems to help with getting mixes to translate well.

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    Smart Audio! You might have never heard of them. Its a small German company. High quality stuff. I´m still everyday overwhelmed by their almost linear sound. Satisfied since 2008! 🙂

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    Lukas Kasprzyk
    @[email protected]

    dont forget to check out amphions. one18 are highly recommended. they dont sound hi fi, but very very true and superfast!

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    Alejandro Ovalle

    well I am still using a krk 5 lol , but I always use Voxengo Plus for low end monitoring


    I think that if you spend more money in acoustic treatment you will hear more frecuencies right?

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    Michiel van Haren
    @[email protected]

    I’m using a pair of “build it yourself” speakers called Vifa Impuls (

    I did not build them myself, bought them second hand, with an old (but good) Rotel amplifier.
    They do sound really good though.

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