SDA Next Level Sound Design

If you already have a solid understanding on synthesis but you are looking for a way to improve your sounds, this course is for you!
The goal here is to get you going with advanced and innovative types of synthesis such as Granular Synthesis, Physical Modelling, Spectral Processing and the exciting worlds of Additive Sound-Design. You will learn to use a range of different processing techniques and dive deep into the inner workings of sound. And once you are there, the sonic possibilities are pretty amazing!

There are various different types of videos:
- The Tutorials - These are the most important ones, try to watch all of them and write down any questions you might have for during the lessons and open office.

- ARCH - Lessons - Just the lessons recorded, also included older (Archived) lesson. The date the lesson was recorded is at the end of the file name

- NVO - No Voice Over - These are the videos shown in class, they don't have any explaining but they show examples of the techniques we talked about

- XTRA - Additional content that is not necessarily part of the course, the goal here is to widen you understanding on how and why to use specific techniques

- HW - A review of the homework assignments

- Office Hours - Recorded Open Office sessions, this is where you can ask questions about your own projects or anything else

76 Lessons

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