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Ultimate Mixing And Mastering Program

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Ultimate Mixing And Mastering (6 month program)

$3,970.00 $1,970.00

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program is the most comprehensive Mixing and Mastering online training programs available online.
Designed by multi-platinum Daniel Wyatt this 6 months program takes you from basic concepts of Mixing through the advanced techniques of mixing and mastering.

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program includes:

– Mixing Foundations (2 months) online course
– Next-Level Mixing (2 months) online course
– Next-Level Mastering (2 months) online course
– 3 months of Pro Access Pass


Core Courses (Online Courses with instructor)

2-months live intensive online training with instructor

Next term starts March 7th 2016

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