15-month Private Online Program

Mentorship Program: 15-month Private Online Program

$1,970.00 $1,670.00

This program is designed to take your music career to the next level by guiding you on an individual and personalized basis through the all of the major aspects of music production and music business.

Over the course of 11 weeks, you will meet privately, one-on-one (in 50 min sessions) with your mentors to discuss and actualize the things that you need to do get to the next level: from improving your track’s composition and mixing/mastering perspective quality, to preparing your music for commercial release.

Built into the program are 4 workshop weeks in between sessions that are designed and scheduled for working on assignments with access to your mentors during open office hours for Questions and Answers and Project Review.

Program Schedule:
Week 1: Assessment and goals (Scott Barkham)
Week 2: Track deconstruction, Composition meeting 1 (Kristin Hevner)
Week 3: Mixing meeting 1 (Daniel Wyatt)
Week 4: Independent lab, finishing a track (Composition and Mixing and Mastering open office)
Week 5: Preparing revenue plan (Scott Barkham)
Week 6: Arrangement and improving track structure (Kristin Hevner)
Week 7: Advanced Mixing and preparation for Mastering (Daniel Wyatt)
Week 8: Independent lab, finishing track (composition and mixing and mastering open office)
Week 9: Choosing Possible Methods for Release (Plan A; Plan B; Plan C) — Being Prepared (Scott Barkham)
Week 10: Orchestration and advanced track development (Kristin Hevner)
Week 11: Sequencing, Mastering and Final EP Compilation (Daniel Wyatt)
Week 12: Getting Your Music Noticed: Submitting your music to labels, press and blogs for consideration (Scott Barkham)
Week 13-14: Independent Lab: finishing/improving tracks, working on assignments
Week 15: Progress assessment and strategy meeting (Scott Barkham)